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Why Real Estate Agents Need Professional Luxury Home Photography

Today, nearly all homebuyers start their house hunt by looking at listings on the internet. These people pay attention to the pictures and videos attached to a listing first before deciding to read other important details. Being a realtor and a professional real estate photographer, I can vouch on the fact that people do not like to waste their time on listings with dull or ordinary photos and so quickly move on to the next home on the list. Nearly all sellers and Lake Norman real estate agents are today unanimous on the importance of real estate photography and videography for catching the attention of buyers. What many realtors do not realize is the price they pay for not utilizing professional quality images and videos with their listings.

High Quality Photos Attract More Attention

In a report published by Centre for Realtor Development, it was found that homes making use of real estate photography sell 32% more quickly than homes without these photos. For a realtor, lingering on with a property for a long time not only means many more opportunities lost but also loss of potential income.

Quantity Matters

Another startling statistic emerging form this report said that realtors who used more high-quality photos in their listings were able to sell them faster than those who used fewer photos. On an average, a realtor using 20 high quality photos was able to sell the property in just 32 days whereas the realtor who used only 1 photo had to wait for 70 days to close the deal. This means when using the services of a professional real estate photographer, it is much better to get large number of photos than just a few photos. For Lake Norman real estate, I include lots of photos with my listings and know how beneficial it is for me.

Sale price of homes with good quality photos was higher than homes without them

If you are one of those realtors who hate to part with their money on the fee of a professional real estate photographer, you will be shocked to know about this fact. Homes utilizing these photos fetch a higher price (nearly $3K to $11K) than homes not using professional photos. This means high quality photos obtained from a professional real estate photographer pay for themselves. Real estate drone video makes a deep impact on the mind of the reader and he becomes more curious about the property.

Photography & Video Can Create Emotion for Buyers

If you are wondering what makes these stunning photos and videos captured by a professional so effective, you should know that that they are able to trigger emotions in the minds of buyers. They become curious and are more likely to take further action when they find beautiful photos and videos attached to a listing. As a professional photographer, FAA Licensed Drone Pilot, and Licensed NC Real Estate Broker, I have seen how professional photography helps in selling luxury waterfront homes on Lake Norman.


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