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Who is Chris Sheridan?


Based in North Carolina, Chris is a natural born artist with a passion for storytelling.  Expressing himself by cowriting soulful, good vibe songs with his band, Simplified, creating and producing motion pictures, and capturing breathtaking still landscape and astrophotography images, Chris appeals to his audiences on an emotional level. His talents and interests have guided him to gain knowledge and experience in not just one form of expression, but several including:




Aerial Cinematography



Songwriting & Performing Music

Performing Music


A strong believer that every project requires an open mind and different style and approach, Sheridan has developed a unique way to capture the heart of each story he tells, no matter which avenue he chooses to tell the story with. His talent landed him the Audience Award for his short film “Dairy Heir” at the 2016 Ashville 48 Hour Film Project. 




Sheridan strives to gain knowledge in different aspects to enrich his storytelling techniques. He has studied Digital Cinematography at Full Sail University, Screenwriting with Lon Bumgarner at The Film Actor’s Studio, Acting with JD Lewis at The Actor’s Lab, and Voice Over with Gabrielle Nistico, all in Charlotte, NC.

In 2016, Sheridan became a licensed FAA Part 107 sUAS (Drone) Pilot and has since been expanding his aerial cinematography portfolio while learning new techniques to utilize this unique tool.


What Chris Sheridan Visuals Has to Offer




Chris Sheridan Visuals has gone above and beyond to create enchanting cinematography. He can help you or your business create commercial videos, music videos, narratives, and any other creative digital cinematography you can think of. His impressive portfolio of his past creations speaks volumes of the masterpieces he can create for all potential clients. Have an idea for a movie, need a music video to jolt your music career, or want a quick narrative about your business to attract local customers? Contact Chris today and discuss your idea.


Real Estate Photography 


Selling a property starts with photography. The architectural photos tell the story of home, location, or commercial property. Just like all of Sheridan’s work, he wants those who look at these photos to feel a connection.  Chris Sheridan Visuals focuses on creating the highest-quality real estate images and videos to help maximize attraction and highlight the best attributes of your listing. Full-motion, cinematic videos showcase the property in ways that still images just can’t compete with and Chris Sheridan is skilled in creating these videos in an exciting way. 

Look at what Chris Sheridan Visuals has provided for clients in the past and schedule a consultation for your listing.


Fine Art Prints


Chris Sheridan Visuals has captured some remarkable sky, land and waterscapes and turned them into incredible works of art. You can purchase fine art prints or contact Chris to set up a meeting to discuss your idea of what you would like him to digitally capture.


Let’s Collaborate


Chris is able to work as a one-man band, creating magnificent pieces by himself or he can easily adapt to managing a crew. Throughout his career he has developed working relationships with other creatives in the region that can be utilized during any project.


Contact Chris today and chat about how Chris Sheridan Visuals can bring your visions to life through creativity and experience.

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