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With a unique & exquisite style for still photography, everyone can appreciate the creative way Chris Sheridan Visuals captures the moments, events, people, properties and landscapes that create a feeling for the viewer. It's not about simply snapping photos - It's about taking the time to find the right angle, getting the light right, and finding the best composition during the shoot, and then carrying those assets over the the post production editing phase to create a superb image. As a licensed FAA sUAS Pilot, Chris Sheridan Visuals also captures dynamic aerial drone images, offering a unique perspective from above. 

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Carefully crafted from beginning to end, our end product will exceed your expectation. Combining traditional and modern camera techniques as well as aerial shots done by an FAA Licensed Part 107 Drone Pilot, our videos are sure to captivate your given audience. Our crew is experienced in music videos, promotional videos, commercials, documentaries, narratives and more. Our resume of digital videos is quickly expanding. Let us form your imagination into a real-life video. 

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Drone photography unlocks a completely new way to see the world. Drone videos and images are an alternative way to evoke emotion and convey ideas. Our current specialty is providing real estate drone images and videos, offering a complete 360* view of the property and a bird’s eye view of all the home has to offer. Chris Sheridan Visuals is certified by the FAA and provides drone images and/or videos for any event and idea you need.

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