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“Brand Video Storytelling: Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Videography”

Video is everywhere you turn today. Whether it’s a commercial, an Instagram post, or a

moving frame at a light rail or bus station, video is becoming the increasingly preferred

form of content for consumers around the world. According to Hubspot, 53% of people

want to see more video content from marketers, with 51.9% of marketers claiming that

video produces the highest ROI of any type of marketing media today.

However, what about the type of video that’s being produced on behalf of brands? It’s

one thing to throw together a commercial, but it’s another to tell a story from start to

finish, known as brand storytelling. If you’re considering the power of videography for

your creative brand, entrepreneurial venture, or artistic endeavor this year, here are a

few reasons why brand video storytelling is a compelling pursuit:

1. Creative License: The sky’s the limit with video, especially the type of video

that tells a story. Do you want your story to be set in the past, present, or

future? Do you want it to be aloof, with drone footage and far-off scenes, or

close-up angles and filters that give the content a little more of an edgy vibe?

Whatever your desire, video comes with total creative license. From the audio

and the visuals, to the editing, video can breathe life into any type of story


2. Marketing Potential: Video is officially the most consumed form of media on

social media today. It’s what people want to watch. Having a video made to tell

your story is going to be more well-received than any other medium. With video,

you can post it to your website, social media profiles, SMS marketing, emails,

and the list goes on. Your brand will be accessible to whoever wants to learn

about it, which is the ultimate point of telling a story, right?

3. Social Engagement: Video gets people talking. You want your brand to be

memorable in order to spur engagement and conversation; one of the best ways

to do that is through creative videography. One of the easiest ways to do that is

through creative videography, showcasing taboo elements and framing content in

new light to adjust it to your narrative. The more people talk about you and your

brand, the more awareness you will organically drive to your platform or website.

Chris Sheridan Visuals

Chris Sheridan Visuals specializes in the producing high-quality story-driven, cinematic

content creation that sets the stage, tells a story, and piques interest, leaving viewers

wanting more. Recently completing their production of “Take Me Anywhere” by indie

rock band, Of Good Nature, Chris Sheridan Visuals approached a relatable, alternative

style song, and gave it a story, one that viewers alike are not going to forget. Setting

the scenes with a variety of videography angles and styles, edited together, Chris

Sheridan Visuals demonstrated what can be done with a video camera and some


Leverage the power of brand stories this year. Consider the video production production

potential for your brand:


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